Integrated Occupancy Services (IOS) Contract, Washington, D.C.
Building Survey and Space Verification & Classification

Kinoo won a IOS competitive award in 1997 from GSA, NCR Washington, DC, to provide Construction Quality Management Services. Kinoo’s tasks have ranged from pre-design through construction phases, for federally

owned facilities within the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Projects include cons-truction management services for office renovations, Mechanical/Electrical/ Plumbing (MEP) upgrades and modernization. Other tasks have included cost estimating and building survey and classification. Kinoo is providing construction management and technical and administrative support, primarily through its on site staff, to the GSA. Project Managers from Kinoo in 1997 coordinated and led a total of 11 teams for the 11 office space renovation projects, completed in 1997, with an approximate average cons-truction cost of $2.5 million. Each team consisted of Government Agency Represent-atives, Building Owner's Representatives, A/E Firms, Construction Contractors, and a Project Engineer, a Construction Inspector, and an Estimator. Kinoo in 1997 alone developed and prepared 11 master project schedules and oversaw financial accounts of approximately $3.7 million. Kinoo reviewed and analyzed various construction docume-nts submitted by the A/E firm; implemented GSA standards and agency requirements regarding design (civil, architectural, electrical, and mechanical); and construction oper-ation. Kinoo’s responsibilities include analyzing various construction cost proposal bids and change orders, preparation of technical analysis, and making recommendations to the GSA’s Contracting Officer regarding negotiations, settlements, and construction contract award.

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