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Archive of current sustainable design-related links. Comprises original & collated documents, web links to research and literature, & a directory of relevant institutions, agencies, personnel, and resources.

Sustainable Design evaluation
Sustainable Design: Building
Sustainable Design: Energy
Sustainable Design: Water & Waste


Sustainable Design Evaluation

Inventory of links to available analyses of appropriate and intermediate technology research, projects and products with regard to regional appropriateness and/or adaptability in order to match particular needs with available technologies.

Criteria for Good Practices
Guide for evaluating the success of a practice or technology in integrating environmental considerations into economic decision making processes. ESCAP Virtual Conference, 1998

Peer Review Committee
Guidelines for the assessment of technologies and processes based on applicability to other conditions. ESCAP Virtual Conference, 1998

Biogas Plants
ESCAP Virtual Conference assessment of a project to use biogas to replace conventional fuels in Nepal

Solar Seawater Desalination - Desalination & Sustainable Development
Discussion on Desalination, Cyprus 1999

Water Technology profiles
UNEP evaluation of small-scale water use schemes in selected South Asian countries